Wedding Emergency Kit

We know we planned every little detail for our wedding, but we cannot deny the fact that emergencies happen. Stay ahead of any marriage-day mishaps by preparing your own emergency kit with items like the ones shown here.
Make sure it's close at hand throughout your ceremony and reception, have one the bridesmaids for exampel as reponsible for it.

From the Drugstore1. Pain reliever
2. Bandages
3. Blister protection
4. Antacid

Costume malfunction1. Sewing kit with needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins
2. Toupee tape (for keeping clothes in place)
3. Scissors
4. Stick-on instant hemming tape
5. Clear nail polish (for runs)
6. White chalk (for masking stains)
7. Glue for broken heels

Need a Touch-Up?1. Small mirror
2. Lipstick
3. Tweezers
4. Powder
5. Lip balm and or lipstick
6. Nail polish in the shade you're wearing
7. Hand lotion
8. Bobby pins
9. Comb and hair spray
10. Cotton swabs
11. Tissues
12. Breath mints

Shopping for a wedding gown?

I just ran into this excellent infographic that I thought all brides that are shopping for wedding gowns will find helpful.  I know we all look into magazines and moreless knwo what we want.  But what to ask for in a store is a different story.  With this graphic you will easily become acquainted with the various styles, necklines, train lengths, and more.
You can even print it and include it in your wedding organizer!

{infographic source: Storymix Media}

wedding dress infographic on styles, necklines, and more

Spring and a green wedding

Great inspirational ideas always come along with the spring! This season brings soft colors, let's say pastel pinks, yellows and greens. Freshness is what rules for a spring wedding.

The story here is: You want to have an eco-friendly wedding. If so, then you have to focus not only in your favorite colors, but in your main objective: the green wedding.

Mainly you will have to use colors that come naturally during the season.  So I recommend that you go first asking your flower vendor which ones are the local and seasonal flowers available. Find out the colors you can choose from those flower choices. And finally, over the chosen colors that come from the earth you may establish the color for the maid of honor dress, linens, favors, and even the invitations!

Event Planning with a Budget (Workshop)

Planning a special event in the near future and don’t know where to start? Whether it is a wedding, birthday party, Christmas party or any other type of event, this workshop will get you started.

During two 3-hour sessions, you will learn what steps you need to take, what you should look for when contracting service providers, what details can make your event different than others and how you can save money without compromising your vision and style.
We will include eco-friendly tips.

Participants will leave with an event-planning package including suggested time lines, to-do lists, and helpful tips.

Duration: 6 hours
Cost: $300.00

Location: Montrel, Qc. Canada

Green Meetings Guide

The Government of Canada is committed to hosting green meetings and ensuring that all environmental aspects are considered in the planning and execution of both small and large events.

The guide contains three broad categories of information:
1. The up-front part of the guide has concise general information on the major steps for
organizing a green event.
2. Checklists in Appendix 1 provide detailed descriptions of specific tasks to ensure that
you cover all environmental requirements at each stage of organizing and carrying out
an event.
3. Appendices 4, Eco-labelling Programs and 5, Further Information, describe relevant
environmental programs and provide links to key Web sites

The green meeting concept
Many of us have had the task of organizing a meeting – setting the agenda, inviting participants, arranging facilities, and  ordering food and equipment. However, few meeting organizers are environmental experts. This guide was written with that in mind. It uses plain language and an easy-to-follow format to help make your meeting a green and successful event. It can be utilized for events ranging from small half-day meetings to large international conferences.

Source: Environment Canada


Aren't you loving these?

Small details make your wedding special. If you love the bling and are able to splurge, please do that with these rhinestones.  You can use them in your napkins, your chair covers, the master table, the wedding-cake name it!

If you are in the mood you can even put them in your wedding invitations or your thank-you notes.
Any color, any shape any size!

Tips to cut costs in your wedding

It doesn't matter what your budget is, if you know want to save alittle and keep your bills on budget you may want to check these tips:
1. Start with your guest list, the cost per head is the biggest expense.  The shorter the list the less expensive the whole thing.
2. Don't even think about an off-site location, a garden when you will have to place a tent or a trendy gorgeous venue, because all of these will cost you twice or three times more than a regular venue.
3. Are you willing to get married on a Sunday? well here you go, most venues will give you a dicount or better rate.
4. Doing brunches, breaksfast and early weddings will help the budget too, because you might be able to skip the alcoholic beverages.
5. If you cannot avoid alcoholic drinks, then you may limit your alternative to wine and a signature drink.
6. Choose simple flower arrangements or alternative decoration for your tables.
7. Instead of a band hire a DJ.
8. Instead of favours send thank you notes.

Photo by C. Fagerlin
Here you go, I hope it helps and remember, it is your day, but you don't want to remember it by receiving the unpayable bills after the honey moon!

A Green Meeting

Have you ever tried to organize your own party or meeting? I bet you have. And you also have noticed the monetary and environmental costs involved in such an undertaking.  I am trying to show hosts, planners and suppliers how to incorporate green principles into every aspect of conference and meeting planning. These points might help:

Start by putting in writing your environmental statement or policy for the meeting, and of course share it with suppliers.

Try to use as less paper as you can. Use paperless technology, new media and you wont't only cut down your paper use but your overall cost of the event.

Try to use one same vendor to provide all your resources like cream, sugar and coffee.

Select a venue that complies with your policy, but more important that is near your target group. Reducing distances traveled by hosts, speakers and delegates will leave a lighter carbon print. Coordinate with the meeting venue to ensure that energy lights and air conditioning will be turned off when rooms are not in use and to provide recycling facilities.

If your policy includes it, then Eat green and have meals planned using local, seasonal produce.

And finally please, please, please, practice the 3Rs:  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
ing services for paper, metal, plastic and glass.

The goal of this post is to help you to save time, money and the environment. Have fun!

Training "How to organize a green event”

I was so thrilled to participate in this training. My experience on event planning is getting wider and my conscience is getting stronger! A green event integrates sustainable development at all stages of its organization. It is different from a traditional event because it aims to:
Reduce the negative impacts of the event, including environmental.
Increase the positive impact of the event (buying local or fair trade).
And involves three concepts : environmental responsibility, carbon neutrality and zero waste.

A green event can set a goal of zero waste and / or carbon, but the term "environmentally responsible" also involves social objectives and other environmental dimensions. It is obviously more encompassing than the term "carbon neutral" or "zero waste".

If you want to know more about green weddings and eco-responsible event send me a note!

Art exhibit

The public of Verdun just had the opportunity to appreciate the talent of students in Fine Arts from “Ateliers de Beaux-arts du Rivage” . The works of these students were exposed almost simultaneously, from the 12 to the 24th of April, at the Centre culturel de Verdun and from 11 to the 23rd at the Centre Elgar in Nun’s Island, Qc.
Art exhibitions are traditionally the space in which art objects (in this case paintings, drawings and ceramic) meet an audience. This group of artists managed to form a diverse and beautiful collection and it was a pleasure for me to help putting up this simple, but still gorgeous show.
Ateliers beaux arts exposed drawings and paintings by the students of the Marilyn Farley and Pauline Isabelle and ceramics by the students of Yves Champagne
The openings held Thursday, April 14 to 19 h. at Nun’s Island and Friday, April 15 at the Verdun Cultural Centre were both just a success. Always inviting people to join the art workshops, but also to relax and appreciate the works and take the opportunity to mingle within the community.
Ateliers Beaux-Arts du rivage is a charitable non-profit organization whose mission is teaching and dissemination of art. They offer to adults and children in Ile des Soeurs (Nun’s Island) and the surrounding area the opportunity to develop their creativity through the arts.

Helen's Green Wedding

My beautiful client Helen began by explaining: "It was after attending to the wedding of afriend that I started thinking, -what will happen to all these flowers, and to all the extraordinary garden decoration and, oh my God!, to the 200 invitations that were sent, the thank you notes to be printed and to the bride's dress to be kept at least for a decade.
It is not possible for us to spend more than $ 20,000dlls to a party, than further to be truly entertaining is also well pollutant. It's my turn to get married and I am making the celebration the best for me, for my fiancé and my guests, but I think is more important to do it well for the planet. "
The event coordinator is then released to find all the providers listed under the category of "eco"and the real work begins.
How to send invitations without wasting paper and printing won't pollute? How to have a French imported wedding dress and not generate pollution? How to maintain low the carbon footprint in terms of food and decor?
Helene wants
her wedding to be remembered, so we started by:
Sending the save-the-date cards by email and printing ​​the invitations on recycled paper. We continued by having the dress designed by a local seamstress, we modified our hunger for extravagant flowers and adhere to flowers that are in season and must definitively we will stick to local produce and preferably organic to avoid problems regarding pesticides.

Energy Efficient Parties

If you are worried about the planet or about your pocket, you must consider having an energy efficient party.
How? Simple! Consider a daytime event, if held outdoors the better. Or if indoors, choose a place with plenty of windows that will let you save big on energy costs and global warming pollution from conventional lighting.
For additional lighting, use compact fluorescent light bulbs. They use only about one-third of the energy that regular light bulbs do. You can look for energy efficient bulbs and fixtures marked with the Energy Star label, seen it? The blue one, yes.
And how about using solar powered lights alternatively. I love them! Put them in the entrance or around the dance floor if outdoors.
If indoors, your alternative will be candle, bee wax candles preferably. Will add character and romance to your event, just be aware of fire regulations for insurance purpose.
Have a great energy efficient party!

Boutonnieres are in!

Many grooms and groomsmen wear boutonnieres, just like most brides and bridesmaids carry floral bouquets.

But what exactly is a boutonniere? It's a flower bud that is specially made to be worn on the lapel of the groom and groomsmen.

It can be traditionally a rose (in a particular color) or any other flowers that can pass trought the day without the need of water.

Boutonnieres can be a nice touch and a nod to the lovely bridesmaids as they can be matched with the bride and bridesmaids flowers or dresses.

The bride typically arranges the purchase of boutonnieres and corsages when she arranges wedding flowers. Importantly, the boutonnieres are delivered to the groom on the morning of the wedding, so the groom is responsible for making this all work.

Spring Bouquets

Spring goes from March 21 to June. Lots of fresh colorful flowers are available, mainly fair trade of course!!
Enjoy your spring wedding with spring flowers.
Lots of colors, lots of fresh style flowers, lots of happiness.
In this particular picure you can appreciate orange and red gerberas, pink and orange lilies small with marguerittes; all wrapped with a white satin ribbon. Simple, joyfull, spring-full!

Your flower girls!

Maybe orchids in a little silk covered basket?


to our blog that has been created especially for people enjoying parties and gatherings.

If you are getting married, helping someone else, or organising any other kind of event I hope to bring you many green ideas to highlight your events.